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We give founders a chance to see their work flourish, helping create a vibrant future of courage, creativity and innovation.

What do you get when you work with a team personally committed to vibrant, healthy work + life dynamics? You get a deep understanding that your time is valuable.

We are here to help you do the work you love. We understand that neither you nor your business will truly flourish until you can focus. And we’re here to help you do just that.

Our Values


We are a team who pursues work that is greater than ourselves. We work with clients who are bringing innovation and restoration to our world.


We create and deliver design, strategy, storytelling, connection and results with excellence. We expect the highest levels of integrity and trust from our team and clients.


We believe empathy fuels connection and is both a challenge and a driver of creativity. Empathy is central to how we approach our team, our clients, and the customers you serve.


We are committed to strong client relationships and prioritize deep understanding. We operate as an extension of our clients’ teams with trust, courage, and open communication.


We bring energy, enthusiasm, positivity and curiosity to projects and clients. We are passionate about our work and partner with founders who are passionate about theirs.


Internally, we hold ourselves to a standard of vibrant work + life dynamics, and work to help make this possible for our clients as well. We respect you and your time.

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For years we had a dream of creating a platform for coaching people with the Enneagram. Our biggest hurdle was to take our ideas and make them into a digital reality. Well Refined not only made our dream come alive, but enhanced it —surpassing our expectations. Even more exciting is their contribution of joy and excitement to our team! Not only do we have a contract with a great agency, we also have a great partner in changing people’s lives.
— Beth & Jeff McCord

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