How Can The New Facebook Collections Help Your E-commerce Business?

Facebook recently unveiled its newest ad format, Collections. This is exciting news for e-commerce businesses because owners now have the chance to introduce Facebook audiences to their products with more engagement and minimized friction. 

This powerful combination of video and its related products helps marketers drive mobile shopping in a more visual way, driving people from discovery to action in a single newsfeed experience.
— Facebook

Understanding Collections

Collections allow Facebook users to engage with your products inside Facebook, essentially shopping your online store (up to 50 products) without having to leave the app. While users will still be sent to your site for additional product details and transactions, this new format gives you the opportunity to connect with users quickly, before the friction of clicking through to your e-commerce site causes them to lose interest or abandon ship.

A few key things to note:

  • Collections are mobile-only 
  • In order to create a Collection you must first create a Product Catalog
  • Collections allow you to incorporate video alongside product images
  • While you can select your video and the featured products, Facebook uses its intelligence to choose the products to display next based on your preferences and user targeting.
  • Advertisers can measure their campaigns with both ad clicks and outbound clicks

What If You Don't Have a Product Video?

Well. You need one. And there's no time like the present! 

Even if you don't anticipate allocating resources to Facebook advertising, creating a solid video (or two) should be high on your priority list. A few resources - for all budgets - to help you out:

75% of consumers say that watching video on social media influences their purchase decisions.
— Facebook

What Does This Mean For Your E-commerce Business? 

If you choose to allocate part of your ad spend for Collections, make sure doing so fits with your overall strategic plan. Jumping on the newest marketing trend isn't always the wisest decision, so take time to make sure it's an appropriate tactic. For product-based businesses who find themselves in a good place for social media advertising, Collections will offer a fresh approach to personalizing your engagement with buyers.

If this new announcement doesn't fit into your current plan, there are still key takeaways from the new release. The launch of Facebook Collections is a great reminder that:

  • Mobile isn't going anywhere. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you need to get on that.
  • Video is continuing to gain traction and deserves a respectable spot in your marketing plan.

If you choose to experiment with Collections, comment with a screenshot and we'll help cheer you on!