Best of Product Hunt for Creative Businesses l Spring 2017

Browsing Product Hunt is a favorite pastime of mine. Who doesn't love combing through the latest creations while nursing a baby in the middle of the night?

Enjoy this curated list of products and tools you may find helpful for growing and streamlining your business. Did I miss one of your recently-launched favorites? Be sure to share in the comments. :) 

Typeform Chat

product hunt typeform

Convert your Typeforms into Facebook Messenger conversations. (New to Typeform? Go here.) 

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Shipping Things by Lumi

product hunt shipping

Learn about packaging, selling and shipping products online. Fun, informative videos to help makers ship. 

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Streak Contacts 2.0

product hunt streak crm

Contacts support for the "best CRM in Gmail." (Bonus: Check out Mixergy's podcast featuring an aromatherapy company & Streak mention.) 

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Flipboard 5.0

product hunt flipboard

Flipboard's latest update allows you to create smart magazines on your phone built around passions that define your work, life & play. 

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product hunt startup tools

Unbiased reviews of startup tools from experienced founders. Categories include sales, legal, marketing, data and more. 

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Unsplash 5.0

product hunt stock photography

Discover free high-resolution photos. Unsplash 5.0 is now not only faster, but provides a new level of social engagement. 

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Thread Messaging on Slack


product hunt slack thread messaging

Finally! If you're a Slack user (if not...go here) this was a much-anticipated update. Keep conversations organized and easy to follow.

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A simple screenshot reporting tool for PR & social agencies. Easily capture & share traditional & social media mentions for clients. 

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Tiny Marketing Wins 2.0

Get a (small) marketing tactic every week. Great for business owners not yet ready to invest in a marketing partner or staff. 

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product hunt email newsletters

Read email newsletters outside your inbox. Have great business newsletters that are getting buried? No more! 

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