Tech Feature: Drip

Drip is a powerful, intuitive marketing automation tool built to help you manage your contacts and convert more customers. (Note: the guy in this video is wearing a hoodie, so you know he's totally legit.)

Email marketing remains an incredibly effective channel for communicating with your customers and leads. Targeted conversations using list segmentation and well-crafted workflows help you build solid relationships with your people. When you communicate with intention and authenticity you show your customers and leads that you care about them personally

What Exactly Does Drip Help Me Do?

  • Send targeted emails
    • Drip campaigns (sequence of emails)
    • Broadcasts (newsletter, promotion, etc.)
    • One-Offs (triggered by an action)
  • Tag your contacts by action (purchase, webpage visit, click, etc.)
  • Automate your work (move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, send contacts to other services, etc.)
  • Create visual workflows (my personal favorite)
  • Gather leads from your site
  • Track analytics

Am I Ready for a Service Like Drip?

One of the biggest email marketing mistakes small business owners make is to ignore intentional customer communication at the start.

Your marketing automation tools work cumulatively. Each interaction (email opens, clicks, webpage visits, conversions, etc.) builds upon previous interactions, helping you get to know the needs and interests of your contacts.

When you start growing your list with a service YOU can grow with, you're not only saving time by eliminating the future need to switch services but you are also increasing the quality (and impact) of your interactions from day one.


  • Starter (FREE) l Up to 100 contacts
  • Basic ($41/month) l Up to 2,500 contacts
  • Pro ($83/month) l Up to 5,000 contacts
drip marketing automation


When it comes to email marketing and automation there are a number of alternatives I would consider good options (depending on your specific needs and preferences): 

I'll be sure to include some of these alternatives as Tech Features here in the future. I decided to start with a Drip feature for one main reason: ease of use. The clean, uncluttered workspace and visual workflows help cut down on user overwhelm and confusion.

Regardless of which service you use, if you put in the time upfront you'll free up important mental energy and work hours for focusing on other aspects of your business - without sacrificing the all-important customer communication. 

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