Optimize Your Instagram Link in Bio

You may be executing a beautiful, engaging, targeted Instagram marketing strategy - but have you optimized your Instagram link in bio?

Instagram's link frugality has been a long-time frustration for small businesses and marketers. Consider these options to help you hack your Instagram bio link and drive more traffic to your content, social profiles and sales pages.


eLink helps you engage your audience by curating content across all digital channels. Share videos, social content,  Fishbole presentations, blogs, social profiles, sales pages, Google Drive documents, Typeform surveys, etc. all in one link.

While eLink does offer a free version, the $12/month option gives you access to integrations and more control over your content.

add product links to instagram


Linktree is similar to eLink in that it allows you to turn your bio link into a curated list of links to send followers anywhere: articles, webstore, events, socials, etc.

Linktree and eLink are different mainly in the way they display links and content to your audience.

Depending on your goals and destinations for driving traffic, you may prefer the more detailed, robust excerpts and images that eLink offers or the simplified, minimalistic link list by Linktree.

The great news? Linktree is free!


clickable instagram links


Linkin.Bio is focused on offering a "shoppable feed." They have created a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed and displays your posts as clickable images.

This is primarily different from the options above because it features Instagram images exclusively.

It's great for product-based businesses already sharing high-quality product photos in their feed.

Pricing starts at $19/month for 2 Instagram accounts.

Side note: Easytap is a similar service currently in beta and accepting testers.

Next Steps

Give one or more of the above options a try and see what works best.

Yes, it's an extra step in your already-packed social marketing workflow, but it's a step that may significantly increase your traffic and conversions.