Day 5: 30 Days. 30 Minutes. 100 Dream Clients/Customers

100 dream clients

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Remember when I mentioned your dream clients/customers yesterday? Today's challenge is short and sweet...but challenging nonetheless. Today we're going to build a list of 100 dream clients/customers.

Where Are We Going With All This?

Before we get started, you may be wondering about the flow of this challenge. So far you haven't spent much time digging into your marketing technology or workflows.

There's a reason for that.

We all know how important foundations are and, like with any good project, we need to build a solid foundation for the process of refining your small business.

It's easy to get "lost in the weeds" when it comes to marketing tactics and technology. So easy that I've personally done it over and over. My goal with these first few days is to help you take a solid look at where you are currently and where you hope to be.

Speaking of where you hope to be...

Who Are Your Dream Clients/Customers? And Why 100 of Them?

You've identified your current profitable clients and customers, but now it's time to take a deeper look at your ideal ones. When you have a (long) list of people and businesses you would love to work with and serve well, it's not only motivational but it helps you directionally.

When you confront a question or point of confusion, hold up your list and consider their hypothetical response to your questions. In the middle of product research? Here's a great list of people to contact. Are some people or businesses on your list super lofty and seem unreachable? Even better.

Why 100? When you sit down to make your list, the first 20 or so will probably come to mind easily. But after that? It gets harder. This is where you'll dig deep and uncover helpful nuggets of inspiration that lead you to certain niches or really specific pain points.

You'll think of one ideal person and that will lead to a waterfall of 10 more. If you commit to 100, the process is a great exercise in growing your awareness and your vision.

When you complete your list, pop back in the comments below and share what you learned!