Day 8: 30 Days. 30 Minutes. Brainstorm Your Tactics

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Today we're going to do a quick tactic brainstorm. By now you may be chomping at the bit to flesh out the tactical side of your plan, but we're not quite there yet.

If you're like me, however, it can feel extra stressful and exhausting to have all kinds of ideas floating around in your head without giving them a little structure. That's what today is for.

brainstorm marketing tactics worksheet

Let's Clear Your Head

Consider this simply a brainstorm. Don't ask lots of questions, just jot down anything and everything that comes to mind. This will help you clear your mind for the upcoming "mini deep dives" into your project management, marketing tech, client/customer communications and more.

The purpose of today is to clear your mind of all your current ideas and make room for new ideas. Some of today's tactics will find their way into your final plan, while you will eventually determine that others should be removed altogether or pushed forward into another season.

What Exactly Are Marketing Tactics?

If you're a little confused about what "counts" as a marketing tactic, think small and specific. This general tactic list will help you get started. A few specific examples:

Download: Tactics Brainstorm Worksheet

Download & complete our Tactics Brainstorm Worksheet for Day 8