Startup Founder Story: Vin McCaffrey of Game Plan

We spoke with Vin McCaffrey of Game Plan and created a client story for the Fourscore Business Law startup community:

Vin McCaffrey’s business idea was born out of his desire to serve student athletes as they transition into the professional world. As a four-year member of Lehigh University’s men’s basketball team (Go Mountain Hawks!), Vin learned how to balance a rigorous academic and athletic schedule. When he graduated in 1998, he realized just how much the college athlete experience prepared him for the real world.

After earning his MBA from Indiana University, Vin founded Game Plan to help connect athletes to employers, but now that’s become a side benefit of its primary focus on serving entire athletic departments. “The life of a student athlete is extremely demanding,” said Vin. “I realized that athletic departments were in great need of a resource that could help create a culture of excellence, support the athletes during their entire college journey and prepare them for life after they hang up their jerseys...”