Startup Founder Story: David Yerger Of Redwood Digital Group

We spoke with David Yerger of Redwood Digital Group and created a client story to be shared with the Fourscore Business Law startup community:

Connecting to the blockchain or investing in cryptocurrency is as intriguing as it is challenging to potential investors. The space is continually evolving, and with no regulatory body, the process can be confusing and uncertain. But, David Yerger, CEO of Redwood Digital Group set out in 2017 to make it not only possible but easier for people to get involved and diversify their portfolio.

Born in Jackson, Miss., David’s career started with managing three businesses after college, but his move to California with his then-fiancee is what opened the doors to the cryptocurrency space for him. He began working with BitGo., a cryptocurrency security company, “As they were one of the largest companies in the crypto and blockchain space, I got a front row seat to the growing industry. I worked for them for about a year and a half as one of two guys on the business team.”

David sold software to the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain exchanges, and built great relationships in the blockchain ecosystem…