Customized marketing plans & tech that give you back time & mental clarity for business & life.



The Refinement Plan

Does your team have a strategy and marketing technology in place, but need help adding structure and functionality to your SaaS products?

The Refinement Plan helps you bring your vision and strategy to life by building out your communications flow inside your software products, ensuring that your business is getting optimal value out of your tools.

The Essentials Plan


Have you been piecing together your marketing strategy, trying out tactics here and there but struggling to stay consistent and communicate with clarity?

The Essentials Plan helps you create your ideal marketing plan. Together we will build a solid marketing stack and structure, ensuring your time is spent making genuine connections that convert.

The Partner Plan


Is your business currently experiencing solid growth, but your team is struggling to stay ahead of marketing opportunities and customer communication? 

The Partner Plan gives you the strategy, technological support and hands-on implementation you need to make the most of your momentum and be intentional in this new (and exciting!) phase.


“Christy is one of the most creative, insightful marketing and public relations professionals I have known. Her values, her practical approach and her intelligence make her a delight to work with. Her work ethic and focus make her extraordinary.”